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telecom billing systems
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telecom billing systems
Telecom Billing Software's
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Billing and Provisioning Software
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Whether you are an MVNO/MVNE or looking to launch one, we have the
Perfect Solutions to Augment your Business.

Launch an MVNO/MVNE at a Mouse Click

  • Launch globally in 4 weeks
  • Dedicated account managers
  • 24 x 7 NOC support

Transform your MVNO/MVNE into a Profit Engine

  • Optimize your Operations
  • Expand your reach
  • Grow your subscriber base

Operations Support System(OSS)

In order to support the demand of changing business environment in telecommunication industry, service providers must be prepared to:

  • Provision and activate features on the fly
  • Bill for content
  • Track customer usage
  • Monitor service performance
  • Ensure revenue capture

With a comprehensive portfolio of multivendor services and range of expertise, (v)WeCare's Telgoo5, is an end to end, BSS/OSS product for telecom companies - that is tailored to fit their specific requirements.

Telecom Billing Software's

Key Features of Telgoo5's OSS

Subscriber Management System

  • Efficient, Quick and Responsive
  • Tried and tested in providing effective Customer Service to the subscribers

Sales Chain Management

  • Setup custom sales chain based on your business needs
  • Supports 3 levels; customizable further.

Config and Admin panel

  • Effective User Management
  • Define permissions, create plans, be in control at all times

Reporting and Analytics

  • Manage and monitor your sales easily
  • Get total insight into your subscriber data for analytics needs

Inventory Management

  • Efficient management and distribution of inventory units
  • Manage inventory status, re-assignment and reconciliation


  • Billing is what we do- all day long
  • Fixed/IOT Billing/ Fiber/ISP Billing/ Other Billing
  • Hundreds of Millions of transactions each day
  • Audit Trail and proper accounting
  • CDR based Billing
    • a.Offline
    • b.Real Time
  • Taxation in Billing
  • Best In Class, Best in service
  • 100's of Billing Profiles: Over 1000 Combinations
telephone billing software

Billing Support System(BSS)

Postpaid Billing System

  • Postpaid Billing in Telecom requires collection of subscriber's network usage details, cumulating them and applying the charges for the subscriber's network usages.
  • Telgoo5's Postpaid Billing System enables MVNOs to rate network transactions based on the raw CDRs
Billing Support Systems

Key Features of Telgoo5's Postpaid Billing System

CDR mediation process
Call barring services
Call exception services
CDR rated bills in XML format
Payment gateway integration
Postpaid tariff plan creation
Subscriber provisioning, activation and deactivation
Real time or manual invoice generation

Wholesale Billing System

  • Telgoo5 provides a dedicated application for MNOs/MVNAs to manage multiple MVNOs from a single screen.
  • The MNOs and MVNAs can use Telgoo5's Wholesale Billing Application to create and assign tariff and bundle plans to multiple MVNOs.
  • The Wholesale Billing Application comes with a built-in CDR mediation process which translates the raw CDRs into more easy-to-understand formats for rating and billing the MVNO's network usage.

Key Features of Telgoo5's Wholesale Billing System

Supports creation of 'n' number of MVNOs
API controls for MNOs/MVNAs
Create custom tariffs/plans for MVNOs on the fly
Separate logins for MNOs/MVNAs and MVNOs
CDR Mediation Easy-to-understand format for rating and billing
Supports multiple types of charging, discounts and billing options
Built-in online user guides for MNOs/MVNAs and MVNOs providing instant assistance when required.

Rating And Charging

Online Charging

Vcare has its own online charging platform. We have the ability to charge and rate Transactions in 50 ms or less. Supporting your real time tear down needs.

Offline Charging

Need us to rate your transactions Based off the CDR?
Vcare is ready and enabled to Offer you offline/near real-time Transaction.

Revenue Assurance

Revenue Assurance

  • Audit of Transactions
  • Preparation and reconciliation of carrier bills
  • Revenue calculations for 3rd Parties, Government
  • Wholesale Business Management revenue assurance
  • Making sure you are not missing any revenue
  • Revenue leakage solution
  • Fraud detection
  • Analytics team, backing this
  • Based on different billing profiles
  • Ingestion from different systems
  • Have a unique flow
telecom billing system architecture

Taxation and Revenue Assurance


oss telecom softwareReal time taxation calculation

telecom billing systemsEDR, CDR

imgPOS Taxation

telecom billing systems vendorsTaxation Profile Creation

Revenue Assurance

telecom billing system architectureData Analytics team

telecommunications billing softwareData scientist for Revenue Assurance

Telecom Billing ServicesPolicy based charging and assurance

Telecom Billing Software'sPowerful Analytics engine

Fraud Control

  • Ensuring capturing of all CDRs
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Reconciliation with CDRs
  • Check on destination and duration accuracy
  • Reporting accuracy (when its reported in CDR)
Telecom Billing Solutions


  • IOT transactions
  • Capturing IOT transactions
  • Billing IOT Transactions
  • Machine to Machine Transactions
  • Data ingestion based different rules
  • Custom Bills and Flows
Telecom Billing Software Companies

Out of the box implementation

Billing Support Systems

Pick from the box whatever you need as per YOUR business model.
It's that SIMPLE!

So what makes our billing system Telgoo5, so great?

A billing system has many moving parts,

Telecom Billing Services

if one of them breaks, the online system comes to halt!

Vcare has a NOC team and a monitoring team watching every moving part
proactively, and taking steps to ensure that everything works.

Vcare understands that one thing doesn't fit all

oss telecom billing software
Telecom Billing Services

With Vcare, you get,

telecommunications billing software

Lets talk about your custom flows

Vcare gives you your custom stack!

telecom billing systems
Telecom Billing Services
Telecom Billing Software Companies

You get to customize it to your needs.
Its about YOU, it's your system (powered by vcare)

What makes us different?

In the wireless industry, business plans change very often.

If you are planning to launch your services, it is possible that from the time you envision, to the
time you launch, the business model completely changes!!

Vcare will be happy to adapt to YOUR business models.

Completely Integrated Solution

Billing Support System

End to end, ONE platform.

Vcare APIs

Vcare has APIs from everyone to their grandmother. (Quite literally!)

Telecom Billing Software
Telecom Billing Software
Telecom Billing Software Companies
Connected to all major payment gateways
(as easy as plug and play with your credentials)
Connected to major shipping carriers
(Simple enter your credentials and start printing your shipping labels)
Want to connect your website?
Vcare will give you a set of API's to build customer information into the vcare system.
Event driven APIs
Over 100 sub-processes
Self healing systems
Over 1000 configurations
Standardized and built to scale
Many, many more API's. Ready to explore? Email us:


Vcare offers

  • telecom billing system architectureCustom reporting
  • telecom billing system architectureAd hoc reporting
  • telecom billing system architectureA set of reports from get go

But that's not enough..

telephone billing software

With Vcare, you get your own custom slave database

  • Run as many reports as you like
  • Run them as many times as you like
  • Add fields/remove fields
  • Imagine ad hoc reporting
Telecom Billing Software Companies

Inbuilt reporting platform

OSS telecom billing solutions
  • Vcare can provide you with an API to connect your IVR
  • Or just use Vcare's ready to use full service IVR, offering customer information, minutes, authentication, payments, top up's and much more..


  • Billing and OSS System State databases integration

  • Billing and OSS System FCC rule changes;

  • Vcare changes its system based on the latest compliance rulings from FCC, keeping you compliant

  • Non usage rules

  • Customer enrollment application

  • Verify your customer

  • NLAD connected;

  • just enter your credentials and start passing transactions to national lifeline database

  • Compliance, compliance, more compliance

  • Application review module

Customer Acquisition

Operations Support System


telecommunications billing software


Telecom Billing Software's


  • Customer address validation
  • Lifeline rules
  • Usage
  • Up keep with new FCC developments

Point of Sales

oss telecom software
Vcare's telgoo platform helps in POS, which comes built in
  • Manage your inventory at the store
  • Sell different products
  • Time & Motion Studies

    Vcare has conducted time and motion studies to make sure that the software is the fastest, most efficient and productive at all times.

  • Making your reps more productive

Smart Inventory

Device management and inventory are one the most important aspects for a telgoo. Vcare offers a very flexible solution to your inventory needs.
  • Manage and track devices, SIM's or its combination at a granular level
  • Track the inventory out in the field
  • Assign inventory in the field
  • Reassign inventory, reconcile all built into one
oss telecom software
Billing and OSS System
Telecom Billing Software Services
Telecom Billing Software Services

Provision one or many, provision at POS

Feature includes

telecom billing system

Provisioned inventory

Billing Support System

Unprovisioned inventory

Billing and Provisioning Software

Hotlined Inventory

Ship your products with ease

  • Integrated with major shipping carriers

  • Simple plug and play

  • Just enter your credentials and start shipping!

Billing Support Systems


Telecom Billing Software Companies


operation support system


Telecom Billing Services


  • telephone billing software Supporting 3 levels of inventory

  • telephone billing software Calculation of commission, many option and customizable

  • telephone billing software Assign/reassign and reconcile inventory

Customer self service

Vcare offers apps not only for your sales force, but also for your customers

  • Telecom Billing Solutions
  • Telecom Billing and Payment Software
  • Telecom Billing Software Services
  • Individual customer logins

  • Self care portals

  • Apps for store location

  • Empowering your Sales force

oss telecom billing software

Wi-fi calling Billing Support System

Telgoo5 will offer wi-fi call models to help efficiently
use VOIP first and reduce network, carrier cost.

Data Analytics

  • Offering Data Analytics

  • Over 50 reports

  • Customizable in Analytics package

Telecom Billing Software


Operations Support System

Case study - Telecom Billing and Payment Software


Prepaid Wireless group was dealing with a situation where its service provider wasn't able to support its growth.

How we helped?

  • Vcare integrated PWW customers offering them a flexible, robust, reliable and secure platform.
  • Using Vcare's services PWW was able to offer its customers, Dollar Plans, Family plans and PWW was able to save 50% time on roll-outs of new services to its customers.
operation support system

Case study - telecom billing system


  • SafetyNet offers Lifeline services in 6 states
  • They used two other platforms before finally moving to Vcare, its platform of choice.

How we helped?

  • Vcare's Telgoo5 platform helped Safetynet increase its efficiency by over 70%.
  • Vcare also helped Safetynet by reducing their costs involved with Inventory.
  • Vcare's inbuilt Inventory reconciliation allowed Safetynet to reduce their Inventory losses by over 50%.
Operations Support System


Call us : +1 (206) 384-4669 or email us : and we will get in touch with you!